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Andrés Sardá

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About Andrés Sardá

Born in Barcelona and the mother of two children, Carlos and Jacobo, Núria Sardá joined the family business in the late 1980s.

After a brief dedication to importing Leavers lace from France and England, in 1989 she accepted Eurocorset's proposal to open a commercial network in Germany, where she worked as market manager for a year and a half.

She later moved to France and lived in Paris, working as a sales promoter in the French market. In 1993, with a deep knowledge of the international market, she returned to Barcelona as head of the export department.

Thanks to that experience, when Núria Sardá joined the design department in 1996, she had in-depth knowledge of the commercial field, from import to point of sale, and the world of fabrics and suppliers.

Núria Sardá began by working with her father, Andrés Sarda, at that time CEO of Eurocorset and the driving force behind the brand's creative department. Her first job was to coordinate the collections, until in 1998 she took charge of the design department.

Collection lines

Avalanche Sardá Fall/Winter 23/24

The fashion show is situated in a high mountain village, where our girls spend a few days in their chalets, sliding down the slopes, strolling through the streets and enjoying the night.  

We wake up in the chalet, where our girls will wear all kinds of lingerie garments  detailed with French embroidery in silver combined with satin, embroidered with animal print motif embroidery, golden tulle or Swarovski crystal. Then we change scenerios and change to go skiing.  

The ski looks are totally "a la SARDA", made in lace but contrasted with typical snowy attire to represent the sport, all while maintaining our vision. Red and white are the predominant colors in this group.  

The apres ski moment starts in the afternoon, situating ourselves on the village, visiting it’s stores, restaurants and businesses. The girls will dress for the occasion in our version of down jackets and suits.  

In the evening, the eco-friendly faux-fur garments in vibrant colors contrast with the underwear sets taking center stage. To close the night the clean cut lycra suits and bras with French leavers lace details, the metallic dresses and lastly a white satin and Swarovski crystal suit appear closing the fashion show. 

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