Suma Cruz is Susana Cruz’s jewellery firm.

Susana has always wanted to tell the most beautiful story ever told. She was still a child and her bedroom seemed like a little-huge bazaar, with cropped models’ pictures all over the place. Since then she dreamed about styling “bride princesses” the afternoon of their b day.

There was nothing in her way that could beat her. Growing was never leaving her childhood fantasies behind but to make them true. The only thing she had to do was to have her feet on the ground, a happy heart and her head in the clouds.

She started to walk through her particular “yellow brick road” more than ten years ago when she first opened her atelier in an attic where the accessories were principal.

Out at the Suma Cruz’s gates started to come beautiful one day “queen’s candidates” (or even better “queen’s candidates” for a life). Susana and her team (Suma’s tribe, her most treasured jewel) opened a file for each of team and started taking notes of everything they told them.

Work and days started to fly rapidly to the rhythm of “babidi-bibidi-bu”, the fairies and elfs’ rock and roll. Meanwhile, Suma’s team created with their tiny hands pieces of art and luminous objects of desire. It was about to prove that beauty is not an exact science but something simply perfect.


Ailanto, an ornamental tree known as the “heaven tree” is the brand created by the twin brothers Iñaki and Aitor, well known because of their unique prints, their artisanal designs and the use of noble materials.

Founded in 1995, both brothers graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Barcelona. Iñaki finished his studies with a Fashion Degree Title while Aitor studied Botany and Landscape.

Their passion for art and beauty is reflected in precious worlds from painters, sculptors and landscapers that come from art movements of the XIX and XX centuries.

For Ailanto, the creative process starts with the design of the prints, which are developed using different pictorial techniques such as the collage, the tempera, the watercolour or the oil techniques. From there, the collection pieces start to take shape. The prints, thanks to the modelling techniques, will start to draw the volumes.

Ailanto is a renowned fashion firm founded by the twin brothers Iñaki and Aitor. Ailanto is characterised by their unique prints, personally design by them using drawings that they translate in different fabrics’ qualities. They have an extraordinary sensibility that takes shape into their collection pieces.

On the other hand, the jewellery designer Suma Cruz who runs her firm Suma Cruz, creates in this occasion a precious, generous collection inspired by the sunflower strength.

The sunflower is the true protagonist of this collaboration with Ailanto.

Both firms have worked together in the design and creation process.

Suma Cruz’s jewellery collection is surprising and matches perfectly with Ailanto’s pieces.

Hand and wrist’s bracelets, earrings and ear cuffs that climb to the ears, chokers, short and long chains that perfectly adapt to the neck and even surround the body around the hips, rings that invade the fingers and hands….

Made in brass using the lost wax process, the pieces are made one by one in an artisanal way, inside the designer’s atelier in Madrid.

After the pieces are welded, it comes the sanding and the assembly of the pieces. The process ends with a yellow gold bath (yellow as the sun light that guides the sunflowers).

In this occasion, Ailanto and Suma Cruz present Sunflowers, a dialogue between the jewels and the garments. They talk between each other so each of them has its own place.

Ailanto in MBFWM

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