Accidental Cutting

Accidental Cutting in MBFWMadrid

Collection lines

Lines of the collection: APOCALYPSE the new reality, PV 2021

This collection arises from the situation caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, an incident that has enormously affected current reality and also fashion and its processes.

The current time although full of uncertainty is also considered as a period of great opportunities and contrasts, while still being a somewhat surreal and dreamlike time. Our present is characterized by the fall of the order of things established until now. 

In reference to the sort of garments, in this fashion collection coexist on one hand self-protective outfits with a strong symbolic meaning and futuristic solutions more than ever now on trend, that are mixed with more conventional garments derived from protective overalls and sanitary clothing. The virus, the great unknown, manifests itself as a surprising and unknown imaginary entity (especially the last garments in the collection are generated with the Accidental Cutting experimental pattern cutting method). So not all the garments are created with Accidental Cutting method, but many of them. In adition some of them are made according to the zero waste pattern cutting philosophy.  

The impossibility of getting real models and seamstress has made Eva Iszoro reflect on the prototyping processes, and she has proceeded with learning specific CLO 3D software. The entire collection has been generated with this computer software through flat patterns. Virtualization opens up a before and after in the fashion design and promotion processes, significantly saving time and economic investment throughout the creative and prototyping processes. By means of virtual reality processes it is possible to test the behavior of the fabrics as it happens in reality. Natural fabrics predominate in this collection, especially silks, which in the physical catwalk have been provided by the sponsor of this project: Pongees specialists in silk from London (

While the ultimate purpose of Accidental Cutting is to obtain original and novel volumes, this method is also compatible with several sustainable approaches described on the brand’s website: