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As an Internet-born generation, we are all familiar with the most infamous domain error: 404 “not found”. 404 Studio stands as an analogy between the obsoles- cence of Internet, that is constant- ly being shaped to our modern needs, and the traditional metier of crochet, which is the brand’s main technique.

404 Studio is an emerging fashion brand - born and based in Spain - whose approach to Fashion is based on seeking uniqueness and reinventing tradition through a contemporary vision, by the design and production of crafted knitwear garments, ensuring the highest quality

However, the whole concept goes far beyond a mere fashion brand, being considered as a laboratory of creation.  

In addition, 404 Studio merges fashion with different creative ex- pressions such as art and cine- ma, each collection being aroused by a movie - such as Holy Mountain from Alejandro Jodorowsky or La planète Sauvage

Thus, it brings out a reinterpretation of the chosen screenplay’s imaginary and aesthetics through the garments, which at once is communicated by different artistic manners.

The brand recreates an artistic universe, offering an experience that allows people to glimpse into 404 Studio’s creative atmosphere and curating the artistic as well as cultural idea expressed in the film.

Collection lines

The new 404 Studio’s collection is inspired by the film La Planète Sauvage. (1973) a French cult film based on the novel by Stefan Wul and directed by René Laloux. Through science fiction and animation for adults a psychological drama beggins showing us the superiority of a race that considers itself the legitimate owner of the planet (The Draags) and us, the human race, are treated as vermin (Oms) which makes us reflect and adopt a new perspective on how we interact with another human beings, animals and the environment.  A second reading about both cultures concludes that there are no good or bad, but positions of ignorance and power.

In this collection, 404 Studio extracts the concept of ​​education, equality and respect between living beings.  As a visual reference, adopts the use of the colors and shapes of the aliens, the landscape and the shapes of nature. The aesthetics of the film and its drawings can be related to the "Codex Serafinianus", the illustrated encyclopedia that appeared a few years after the film's premiere. In both cases we can appreciate the creation of elements of nature, created from the imagination and surreal inspiration as if it were "The Garden of Earthly Delights".

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