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4/10/2022 to 6/10/2022

Fresh Food Logistics

The international trade show for Fresh Food Logistics, mobility, IT and cold supply chain management

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What is Fresh Food Logistics?

It is an instrument that makes it possible to connect all cold food sector stakeholders together, with logistics and transport solutions and technologies for fresh products.

Fresh Food Logistics was created with the desire to serve the whole international industry. It is the only hyper-specialised, professional trade event in the European Union that will bring together all the stakeholders in the cold food chain under the same roof, from storage at the point of origin to logistics and transport to cold solutions for retail, last mile delivery and e-commerce. To take advantage of international synergies and potential, it will be held as part of Fruit Attraction.

Fresh Food Logistics will be complemented by a significant number of dedicated technical conferences.

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Fresh Food Logistics

The Summit October 5th and 6th

Within the framework of Fresh Food Logistics, the Fresh Food Logistics Summit will take place, a major sectoral congress specialising in logistics and transport, co-organised with Alimarket.

A meeting point to learn, debate, find points of collaboration and share synergies with the main managers in the sector.

An opportunity to discover, through case studies, what companies in the sector are doing to advance and improve their supply chain to face the challenges posed by cold logistics, sharing a transversal and 360º vision of the cold market.

Exhibiting Companies Profile

  • Climate control solutions and preservation and storage facilities
  • Climate controlled, isothermal and refrigerated containers
  • Fresh food processing, handling and packaging systems
  • Services & logistics operators (with cold supply chain for the food industry)
  • Temperature control systems for cold chain transport
  • Refrigerated transport and cold chain equipment
  • Cold technologies & automation
  • Quality control equipment and systems
  • Cold and chilled facilities and temperature control equipment for Retail
  • Transport solutions for food-delivery and food e-commerce

Attendees Profile

  • Producers and cooperatives from the fresh food sector (fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, dairy, etc.)
  • Food industry: logistics, quality, purchasing, production, packaging, etc.
  • Refrigerated storage and transport professionals
  • Fresh food wholesalers and traders
  • Import/Export fresh food traders
  • Retailers, supermarkets, convenience stores
  • Horeca
  • Hotel, restaurant, catering
  • Food Service Supply chains
  • Fresh e-commerce
  • Inflight meals/railway catering