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FRUIT ATTRACTION is the main commercial tool for marketing fruit and vegetables worldwide. In this next edition, FRUIT ATTRACTION 2023 proposes a series of promotional actions and sponsorships that will grant additional visibility and will allow the development of high-impact actions before the professional, national and international public that visits the fair

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Invited region*

This alliance involves accompanying the region invited to the fair in all its promotion; nationally and internationally with a prominent visibility in all areas of the fair.

Sponsorship of the Hall Connection Area*

Intended to become a meeting point between visitors and exhibitors, this area offers high visibility and the possibility of a unique dialogue with attendees.

WIFI network sponsorship

Naming of the WIFI network, presence on billboards and signage throughout the site and communication through various channels.

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Forum Sponsorship

Visibility of the sponsor in the Forum with content of maximum interest for the fair; Naming of the forum, logo on the signage and inclusion of content.

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Sponsorship of Plaza de Descanso

Visibility and possibility of personalization of the area, naming of the Plaza and inclusion of graphic material.

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Innovation HUB Sponsorship

Naming, visibility in the exhibition area and in the presentation and delivery of innovation HUB awards, communication associated with sponsorship.

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Sponsorship Factoría Chef

Naming, visibility and personalization of the area. Possibility of including content in the program and communication associated with the activities.

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Business Center Sponsorship

Visibility as a sponsor and the possibility of customizing the IFEMA MADRID Business Center and organizing your own event.

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FRUIT TV Sponsorship

Naming and visibility on the back where the contents of the FRUIT ATTRACTION TV set are recorded.

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Press Room

Naming, visibility and the possibility of promoting the area and offering products to the attendees of this room; in addition, communication associated with the sponsorship will be carried out.

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FRUIT ATTRACTION Fruit and Vegetables Sponsorship

Naming of the greengrocer's shop, assembly on behalf of the sponsor, visibility through its brand image in this space where the press will be invited to take official photos of the fair and associated communication.

*This action will be negotiated on a personalized and exclusive basis with the region concerned.

Sponsorship proposal

In addition to the proposed options, there is the possibility of developing Ad hoc proposals adapted to the objectives and needs of each client.

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WIFI network sponsorship

The WIFI network is public, free and available in all pavilions. The sponsorship of the WIFI network is a product with a high impact visibility in the venue and a powerful associated communication. The sponsorship includes:

· Naming of the WIFI network
· Splash screen with sponsor's advertisement every time users connect to the network (the sponsor will design its advertisement).
· Creation of a seal with the sponsor's logo + WIFI symbol. This joint stamp is placed at: Hall entrances, common areas, Central Avenue, Hall Halls and signage.
· Mention of the sponsorship in a Press Release.
· Banner with link on the FRUIT ATTRACTION website.
· Service announcement in FRUIT ATTRACTION LIVE CONNECT.
· Communication campaign in social networks.
· 20 professional invitations to the fair.
· 2 silver cards with parking.

FRUIT ATTRACTION values this sponsorship at 33.000€ + VAT.

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Fruit Forum Sponsorship

· Sponsorship with Naming of the forum. In this forum, a high quality Content Program will be delivered, allowing the professional to complete his knowledge of the latest news, developments and trends.
· Possibility of giving up to 2 talks in the sponsored forum. The contents must be agreed with the fair.
· Logo presence in the forum and on all signage where the forum appears. Customization of the forum with sponsor's elements/colors.
· Inclusion of the logo on the Fruit Attraction website with a link to your website.
· Communication of the sponsorship in a press release.
· Communication of sponsorship in newsletter to exhibitors and visitors.
· Campaign on social media.

FRUIT ATTRACTION values this sponsorship at 25.000€ + VAT.

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Sponsorship of the resting area

· Sponsorship with Naming of one of the resting areas of the fair (location to be defined).
· Cession of a small space 2 x 2 m approx. for a counter, roll up or other promotional up or another promotional element.
· Presence with logo in the rest area and in all signage where it appears on all signage where it appears.
· Cube or tarpaulin hanging from the ceiling marking the resting area of the sponsor. Sponsor's Resting area.
· Mention of the sponsorship in a press release
· Campaign on social media.
· Inclusion of the logo on the Fruit Attraction website with link to your website.

FRUIT ATTRACTION values this sponsorship at 25.000€ + VAT.

Innovation HUB

Innovation Hub Sponsorship

The Innovation HUB awards recognize R&D efforts. Information on the products and services presented is collected in the Innovation HUB space. Sponsorship provides visibility and impact both in the exhibition space and at the awards ceremony. It includes:

· Sponsorship with naming of the Innovation HUB area and awards.
· Logo in the forum where the awards are presented.
· Personalization and decoration of the Innovation HUB area.
· Logo on posters and signage indicating the location of the Innovation HUB.
· Logo and link on the FRUIT ATTRACTION website.
· Communication of sponsorship in press releases and newsletters.
· Mention in social networks.
· Interview with a representative of the sponsor on FRUIT TV.
· 20 professional invitations.
· 2 silver cards with parking.

FRUIT ATTRACTION values this proposal at €25,000 + VAT.

factoria chef

Factoria Chef Sponsorship

Factoría Chef is a stage with cuisine, whose objective is the dissemination, innovation, interpretation, variety and versatility of the products. The sponsorship of this stage gives the sponsor an important role in the fair and a great notoriety. It includes:

· Sponsorship with naming of the Chef Factory section.
· Possibility of participating every day of the fair at preferential times in the contents of the forum.
· Presence with logo on the back of the stage and signage.
· Personalization of the space with its elements/colors.
· Inclusion of logo and link on the Fruit Attraction website.
· Communication of sponsorship in a press release.
· Newsletter communication to exhibitors and visitors.
· Mention in social networks.
· 20 professional invitations to Fruit Attraction.
· 2 silver cards with parking.

FRUIT ATTRACTION values this proposal at 25.000€ + VAT.

Ex. SPONSORSHIP / FITUR & Imagine Your Korea

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