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FERIARTE 2021 will bring together the most exclusive art and antiques in Madrid. 2021 will bring together, in two appointments, the most specialised antique dealers and art galleries with art lovers and collectors.

Collectors will be able to enjoy the classic autumn event, from 13th to 21st November, in the format of a large art and antiques fair, with 9 days open to the public. Dozens of antique dealers reserve the best selection of their pieces for FERIARTE. From furniture, decorative objects, collection and jewellery, including Art Deco, Modernism, Eduardino, Alfonsino, 20th century design; antique books and maps, archaeology, oriental, pre-Columbian and tribal art. 

All of this offer is complemented and enriched by the high quality of the proposal in contemporary paintings and sculptures by artists of recognised prestige.


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