What is Feriarte?

Visitors looking at antique furniture

Whats is Feriarte?

With over four decades of experience, FERIARTE represents the only art and antiques fair in Spain, a space for international collectors to take advantage of the business opportunities that the event offers.

Visitors, from both Spain and further afield, can make great purchases – masterpieces and exceptional objects whose quality and authenticity are guaranteed by an expert committee composed of more than 40 specialists across a wide range of disciplines. It is an event at which quality remains a hallmark, with very competitive prices compared to the European market, all of which means a great opportunity for buyers.

Artwork representing a virgin at Feriarte.

Why visit Feriarte?

FERIARTE is Spain’s most important art and antiques event.

From the best works from classical antiquity and millennium-old cultures to 20th century design and contemporary art, all have their place at the fair. All artistic periods and movements are represented at FERIARTE through the pieces that the antiquarians and art galleries select and reserve throughout the year to make them available to art lovers.

Reasons to visit FERIARTE

Icono Gallery

Contemporary Art Gallery

Feriarte is a large contemporary art gallery with works by the most relevant artists of high artistic recognition.

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Admiration and Acquisition

Nine days to admire and acquire decorative arts that bring originality, style and refinement to decoration.

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Reliable Purchasing

All works have been verified by a committee of experts from academia, museums and professional specialists.

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Experience and Ambience

Enjoy strolling among works of art in a unique atmosphere, with lounge areas and terrace restaurants for a pleasurable experience and informed purchasing decisions.