23-25 April2015

International Franchising Trade Fair

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Programas Expofranquicia

EXPOFRANQUICIA have partnered with the Spanish Franchisors' Association, AEF, to design a programme of lectures, presentations and debates in the framework of Foro Madrid Franquicia, giving the Fair training and assessment content every day, and providing analysis on key issues and strategies for greater competitiveness in this business formula, with the participation of consultancies, AEF members, exhibiting companies and franchisors who will talk about their success stories. 

New this year, Foro Madrid Franquicia will be grouped into two main areas of activity: franchisees and people interested in getting started or learning more about this commercial system in the Franchise School; and current and future franchisees in the Franchise Observatory.

ONE TO ONE Programme


ONE-TO-ONE is a tool available to international visitors. It helps to optimise participation in the fair by arranging a series of highly effective meetings. Participant brands will be giving personal interviews to potential franchise holders, thanks to a schedule of meetings drawn up by EXPOFRANQUICIA. During these meetings, which will be held in a friendly atmosphere, both the potential franchisees and the franchises will get straight to the point, having mutually set the agenda beforehand.

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