Why exhibit?

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Why exhibit?


EXPOFRANQUICIA is the most comprehensive sales, promotion and marketing tool that exists for the franchise sector, since all existing commercial and marketing actions can be combined with a better cost-effectiveness ratio to reach customers in the fastest and most direct way.

Do you want to be an EXPOFRANQUICIA exhibitor? Get all of these benefits:

  • Sales:
    Start, continue and/or close sales processes with the distribution channel Generate and/or fill your database with new contacts, which may end up as sales.
  • Commercial Contacts:
    Call and schedule meetings with current and potential clients.
    Vertically exploit the distribution channel and cross-selling.
    Loyalty to our customers in our product.
    Present the latest developments and strategies, while gathering the opinion of the client.
    Recover clients.
  • Distribution channel:
    Identify and attract new partners and distributors from around the world.
    Provide coverage for and serve current customers and suppliers.
    Build and publicise a certain image to facilitate future agreements.
    Convince investors.
    Develop and open new markets.
  • Market studies:
    Test new products and services.
    Test marketing campaigns.
    Test brand image and perceptions
  • Brand positioning:
    Create and/or reinforce brand awareness.
    Position and/or reposition the brand.
    Offer demonstrations and presentations to customers.
  • Media:
    Be right up to date with the latest news attracting media coverage, offering the new developments that attract attention.
    Continue to maintain good relations with editors and journalists.
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