Food is one of the main sectors of the economy that contributes most to the gross domestic product. Food is a basic need to which a large part of the family budget is devoted, so its distribution is more resistant to crises. Moreover, the expenditure is made in a practically constant way which is a guarantee of business.

If we talk about the franchise, this sector, as it is usual in the last years, is the one that obtained the highest turnover in 2019. It is also the one that has the highest number of open establishments and the one that generates the highest number of jobs.


The catering sector is one of the great economic engines of our country, closely linked to tourism, which is a determining factor in the GDP.

Among the most relevant aspects, we can highlight the constant appearance of new formats and new operators, the profile of the consumer with a healthier and more sustainable conscience and the continuous digital evolution that is transforming this sector. The franchises in this sector are in second place in terms of turnover, level of employment generated and number of active networks.


Both health and beauty are among the main concerns of the consumer which has led to growth within Spanish households, shaping communities towards an increasingly healthy lifestyle. This is an emerging sector where technology is set to play a decisive role in the coming years.

Within the franchise area, this sector is in second place in terms of the number of establishments opened, fourth in terms of the level of employment generated and third in terms of the number of active networks in the market.


The Fashion, Footwear and Accessories sector is a dynamic and growing sector that is in full transformation. It includes clothing, accessories, footwear, jewellery and watches. And its structure covers from big brands to small freelancers.

It is one of the most globalised segments that is evolving the most in terms of operations. It is a very demanding sector that demands more sophistication and more management. This sector has improved enormously in terms of design and technology. This technology will respond to the needs of the market by allowing the relationship between consumer and company to be much closer and more individualised.

Finally, it is a great working engine that has 242 franchise networks integrated in 8 sub-sectors of activity.


The home and decoration sector moves an important volume of business in our country. This segment of the economy has evolved in the search not only for quality but also for innovation, design and practicality. The idea of decorating for the sake of decorating is over, now we need practical articles full of innovation and above all usefulness. Of course, without forgetting the exclusivity when decorating and design within a more personalized and professional environment.