What is Expofranquicia?

Visitor requesting information at a stand

What is Expofranquicia?

The latest developments and opportunities in franchising come together at EXPOFRANQUICIA, the franchise fair in which professionals and the general public can find the business to suit your needs, with different franchising investment levels, and all the required information about fees, royalties, characteristics of the premises to be franchised, financing, and advice.

franchising school

Franchising School

EXPOFRANQUICIA will also offer a space for training and knowledge in the activities of The Franchise School which, as usual, will be prepared in collaboration with the AEF, and will devote a few sessions to training content and advice aimed at franchisees and people interested in getting started in this commercial system.

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Why visit Expofranquicia?

Get all the information you need on the specialised commercial offering available on the market at the same time and place.

  • Get an overview of the specialised commercial offering available on the market. Spanish and international trends and new developments together in one place.
  • Build a work network
  • Schedule meetings
  • Strengthen business relationships
  • Analyse and directly check the characteristics of the product/services.
  • Expand the knowledge and application of technologies and services.
  • Directly compare the characteristics between all specialised deals.

Obtain the information needed to evaluate the possibilities of participating as an exhibitor in the future

legal aid

Legal advice area

For the first time, EXPOFRANQUICIA will have a free legal advice area for all those exhibitors/visitors who require this service.
The advice will be provided by law firms belonging to the Committee of Legal Experts of the AEF.