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09 February 2023

SUCESORES DE CUMBRES MAYORES goes to Meat Attraction with its "Arrachera", a unique cut of marinated beef.

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Since 2020 Sucesores de Cumbres Mayores, S.L. is a Spanish company with Mexican capital that is part of Grupo Loto Hnos.

The origin of this family of entrepreneurs has its roots in the village of Cumbres Mayores, in the community of Huelva, Andalusia, where historical research shows that since the 16th century some settlers migrated and settled in Puebla (Mexico) with their meat industries. After 40 years in Mexico and 15 years in the United States, participating in different areas of agricultural production, be it pig breeding, manufacturing livestock feed and high quality food products, they have decided to come to Spain to offer their famous products. This year they are participating for the first time in an Expo of international stature with their flagship product, Arrachera.

Arrachera is a unique cut of marinated beef, famous in Mexico and the United States for its tenderness and great flavour. It also stands out for its great versatility in the service of any chef's creativity and the simplicity of its preparation, which makes it a delicious product.

Arrachera is new to Spain and, following strict quality standards, it is made with top quality local ingredients and raw materials. The plant where it is produced is IFS certified.

Sucesores de Cumbres Mayores fuses history and tradition from two continents and now returns to Europe to share its Mexican culinary creations.