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28 February 2023

SIMON'S FOOD, burgers for everyone.

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Simon's Food was founded in 1999 with the aim of becoming a benchmark in the manufacture and distribution of high quality deep-frozen meat products.

Simon's Food is currently one of the main players in Foodservice and Retail, having expanded its brand throughout the European Union and the African continent. Where, as in Spain, Halal and Native Breed products with certification of origin are very popular.

Today, this company is taking part in Meat Attraction presenting Chicken Rings, a new product which we are sure will be very popular with the public due to the juiciness of its meat and its crunchy breading.

In its eagerness to innovate and provide a differentiating experience to each customer, Simon's Food wants to highlight its wide range of high quality deep-frozen meat products such as Premium Burgers among which we can find the 100% Iberian Burger, the Angus Burger, or the certified Retinto Burger. Our business model is based on products of the highest quality and food safety, respectful with the environment, as well as with a fair price for consumers and customers.

Tel.: +34 95 563 02 23