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11 January 2023

ROTOGAL presents the hygienic container that the ham industry demanded.

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Ham salting rooms must be clean and sterilized work areas, where hygiene levels are kept strictly controlled, within limits determined by current regulations.

In them, processes and operations must be carried out safely, excluding any type of contamination.

In Rotogal we have focused on developing products that allow our customers to work in safe environments, we help them with the use of our containers to comply with the regulations and to ensure peace of mind for all, producers and consumers.

The mechanical properties of the Rotogal 700 container are achieved with 100% food approved medium density polyethylene and, like all Rotogal containers, it is a single piece triple wall molding, which gives a bomb proof resistance and guarantees a safe and stable stacking, no "stapled" skids, everything is one piece. Maximum strength.

The Rotogal 700 is also the most hygienic thanks to its completely smooth and rounded surfaces, both inside and out, with no edges or reinforcement cells (which are a source of bacterial deposits). This is one of the key reasons why Rotogal palletized crates are used throughout the food industry and especially in the handling of meat products.

It has four integrated drains for the correct elimination of excess brine, preventing the accumulation of humidity in the lower part, protecting the product at all times.

After many years working in the meat sector, we have helped many companies to develop their processes in a hygienic and safe environment; we know how important it is that the pieces reach the optimum temperature for dehydration and curing with the corresponding degree of humidity, which is why our raw materials are always tested in our laboratory, guaranteeing in our containers a correct transmission of temperature inside the chambers.

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