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28 February 2023

PGI MORCILLA DE BURGOS looks forward to 2023 with an impact of more than 8 million euros.

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The PGI Morcilla de Burgos has presented its agenda for the first half of the year, in which the province's most emblematic product will once again be present at the sector's most important international events, such as Meat Attraction, where it will be on the Tierra de Sabor stand (Junta de Castilla y León).

The Meat Attraction organisers and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food will be organising three tastings in the space reserved at the stand itself. Signs of the good moment that one of our most emblematic products is experiencing at a national and international level.

The Protected Geographical Indication Morcilla de Burgos closed the year 2022 with one of the best figures in the agri-food sector in the province. The most emblematic product of Burgos has achieved an economic impact of more than 8 million euros, something that serves to further strengthen its position in national and international markets as we enter 2023.

To this impact on the economy we must add the more than 13 million articles and publications in which PGI Morcilla de Burgos has been present around the world, with the consequent promotion that these figures represent for the image of the province as a whole. Because to talk about Morcilla de Burgos PGI is to talk about food and gastronomy, but also about culture, industry, heritage and tourism. The Morcilla de Burgos PGI is aware of this impact and, for this reason, has already presented its agenda for the first half of the year. The quality brand will once again be present at the main events and fairs in Spain and the rest of the world.

An agenda full of activities that will serve to bring PGI Morcilla de Burgos closer to enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world. A seal, the Protected Geographical Indication, which in addition to protecting the quality and organoleptic qualities of the most representative product of the province of Burgos, is also the safeguard for the generation of wealth and employment in the meat sector. For this reason, the marketing of Morcilla de Burgos must always be accompanied by this PGI label. A sign of identity that has proven in recent years to be a real economic and promotional engine for the province of Burgos, despite the various slowdowns experienced due to the health and economic crises. Therefore, 2023 is presented as a new opportunity for growth and consolidation of the brand to continue contributing to the image of Burgos and its surroundings.