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28 February 2023

MULTISCAN TECHNOLOGIES presents its new range of equipment with UHD technology.

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Multiscan Technologies has positioned itself in the sector as the only manufacturer to offer inspection solutions for meat products, both in pieces and packaged, with high accuracy in the detection of contaminants and microbones, as well as estimation of fat and salt in certain products.

New UHD technology for ultra high definition inspection of meat products

The UHD (Ultra High Definition) technology developed by Multiscan combines X-ray and visible machine vision with deep learning artificial intelligence models.  An advanced detection system with DE technology vision cameras that can identify foreign bodies of very small size and difficult to see even for the human eye.

This technology is now available in all our equipment, providing a differential value and improving its efficiency in the detection of stones, metals, very small hypodermic needles and micro bones with little calcification.

MXV-MEAT UHD for inspection in slaughterhouses, cutting plants and meat processors

MXV-MEAT UHD is our most versatile solution that allows the classification and sorting of cartons or pieces of meat by fat or salt levels in real time. In addition, it detects very small dense contaminants such as hypodermic needles or bone remains.

Application in the curing and salting process of white and Iberian ham

The MXV-MEAT UHD is a tool capable of providing relevant information for the ham and shoulder production process, as well as verifying the optimum quality parameters when launching the product onto the market:

Classification phase of fresh pieces: determines the percentage of fat in all types of pieces, both white and Iberian, for subsequent salting.

  • Salting phase: measures the amount of salt in the fresh pieces after washing to verify the amount of salt absorbed before starting the curing phase.
  • Final curing phase: verifies the percentage of salt in all types of cured pieces to determine if the final product is within the required ranges.

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