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28 February 2023

MORALEJO SELECCIÓN, innovation, modernisation and export in sheep farming

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The Moralejo family has always been linked to the world of sheep in Zamora, one of the regions of Spain with the longest tradition of this tasty meat. But it was in 2005 when the meat processing industry that today is Moralejo Selección was created.

Through agreements with around 4,000 livestock farmers and cooperatives in rural areas throughout Spain, Moralejo Selección has specialised in the cutting of the three ages of sheep and goats: lamb, lamb, sheep, kid and goat.

Over the years, and in an unfavourable market situation, the company has managed, with a product specialisation strategy based on innovation, modernisation and export, to become the leading Spanish company in terms of sales volume and turnover and one of the most important lamb processing companies in Europe.

Since the end of 2018, Moralejo Selección has new facilities that allow it to tackle any international market thanks to continuous innovation in its plants.

The Arcenillas plant has 9,000 m2 of modern facilities, and together with the Coreses plant, just 10 kilometres away, they make a total of 14,500 m2 of facilities, with 9,000 m3 of cold storage and a production capacity of 30 million kilos per year. Thanks to this, Moralejo can now provide a service, following the most rigorous international quality controls, to more than 40 countries.

These plants are pioneers in energy efficiency and at the forefront of environmental sustainability, using renewable energy to supply themselves, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

Moralejo Selección offers its customers the best sustainable lambs in the format that best suits the needs of their establishment and market. They have moved from the traditional format to expand the range with new cuts and products - processed and V Gama - with the intention of responding to the needs of today's consumers.

The company carries out exhaustive quality controls, and as a result complies with the most demanding international quality standards such as IFS or Welfair Quality for Animal Welfare.

In short, the value of tradition, combined with the commitment to innovation and modernisation carried out by Moralejo Selección, has meant that today the company exports to more than 40 countries and the quality and flavour of its products are unmistakable.

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