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28 February 2023

Intercun unveils the secrets of rabbit meat at Meat Attraction

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The interprofessional organisation INTERCUN will once again participate in Meat Attraction 2023 and will show visitors to the fair the secrets of rabbit meat, as well as its new presentations.

As is well known, rabbit meat is a powerful source of low-fat protein, as well as vitamins, especially of the B group (B3, B6, B12), which among other things are essential to keep the defences in shape and take care of the nervous system. In addition, rabbit meat has a high phosphorus content and is a source of selenium and potassium.

Another of the properties of rabbit meat is that it is a very easy to digest food, thanks to the fact that it has almost no fat. For this reason, it is a meat that can be consumed at all stages of life.

Furthermore, this meat is suitable for people suffering from high cholesterol and is also very good for those who must control their blood pressure, as it is a meat that is very low in sodium.

Thighs, medallions and half a rabbit in pieces

Versatility in the kitchen is another of the great advantages of rabbit meat. Its flavour goes perfectly with all kinds of dishes and, as with other meats, rabbit meat must also be purchased depending on the recipe you want to cook.

Although you can turn to your butcher for advice on the best piece for each dish, the interprofessional rabbit sector has been working for a long time to adapt the product to demand. Thus, the most current presentations of rabbit meat are thighs, medallions and half rabbit pieces, although other presentations of this versatile meat can also be found on the market.

The half rabbit in pieces, cut and cleaned for stewing is one of this year's star products, as it is an ideal cut to be consumed in households with one or two members.  As well as being ideal for making any kind of stew, rabbit thighs are ideal for roasting and the medallions are ideal for grilling and are the perfect option to please the whole family.

Professionals and visitors who come to Meat Attraction 2023 will be able to taste different dishes prepared with these presentations, as well as discovering the goodness of rabbit meat.