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09 February 2023

IBÉRICOS ALHÁNDIGA, the best iberian cured meats and veal

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We are a company that produces the complete 360º process, from the rearing of our calves and pigs to the end customer (Grancampo, S.L.).

We also market the products from our own factory with the company Alhándiga Ibéricos.

We participate in Meat Attraction to present our best Iberian products, our Iberian pork and our veal.

We carefully supervise the rearing process of our animals. The most important thing is the care and dedication we give to the 100% Iberian mothers who live in our two new farms. We have built an unbeatable environment, with the best qualities and environmental conditions to favour their development and provide maximum animal welfare.

The total control of feeding, which we carefully observe at each stage of growth of our pigs, is fundamental to achieve exclusive animals. Our aim is to achieve the best production of Iberian pigs with the best possible use.

Fresno Alhándiga is a municipality in the Tierra de Alba region of Salamanca, with a striking natural wealth and unique landscapes. Our facilities, where we produce our sausages and hams following the routines we inherited from our ancestors, are located next to Guijuelo, in the foothills of the Sierra de Béjar.

That is why we enjoy a privileged location for the curing of our Iberian products, with a unique climate, with mild summers and cold winters. The wind that comes from the mountains helps the ham to require less salt and to retain its natural flavour better. The warm and mild summers result in a slow infiltration of fat, giving rise to a delicate and characteristic marbling.

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