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14 February 2024

RUBEARTH and Allianz EGO present an exclusive pet fashion collection at MBFWMadrid

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This collection of knitted garments for pups has been entitled RUBEARTH DOGS x ALLIANZ EGO, created by the winner of the first Allianz EGO Confidence in Fashion award. Pipper, a canine star on social networks and television and an ambassador for Allianz showed off the versatility of these garments designed by Gabriel Nogueiras

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, a magnet for fashionistas, will start the week with something pet lovers will not want to miss. Allianz EGO and RUBEARTH, designer Gabriel Nogueiras' firm, will present an exclusive collection for pets at MBFWMadrid. The collection has been dubbed RUBEARTH dogs x Allianz EGO, reflecting the sustainable roots of the garments and will be launched and available to purchase from 15 to 18 February in the Allianz EGO Creation Space, a meeting place for Spain's leading emerging designers open to all visitors to Cibelespacio MBFWMadrid.

Gabriel Nogueiras and his team, RUBEARTH, are part of the history of the Allianz EGO platform. In September 2021, the Galician became the winner of the first-ever Allianz EGO Confidence in Fashion award. In the wake of this success, RUBEARTH has enhanced its creative and business vision, taking its brand to a new level where it has already garnered great success, having caught the eye of national and international celebrities like  Guitarricadelafuente and Rauw Alejandro, among others. 

RUBEARTH DOGS x ALLIANZ EGO is a circular craft product that focuses on innovative product designs for pets. These knitted garments are flexible, comfortable and fashionable and feature a striped jacquard design forming a zigzag and the original RUBEARTH star motif that represents dynamism, joy and drive. A made-in-Spain collection in double twist yarn manufactured in Italy with 100% recycled cotton that complies with the current European regulations on animal allergens. The result is a responsible, friendly and ready-to-enjoy consumer product.

As part of the launch of this collaboration, RUBEARTH and Allianz EGO have collaborated with a canine star on social networks and television: Pipper (@pipperontour). Pipper, a charming Parson Russell Terrier and the first dog to tour Spain with his human, has been one of the first to enjoy the versatility and comfort of the garments that RUBEARTH and Allianz EGO have just launched on the market. Allianz shows its support to young creators through this initiative, enabling them to innovate and develop their projects successfully while creating something great to guarantee a prosperous future for Spanish fashion.

What's more, Allianz is committed to protecting pets and their humans. Allianz's public liability dog insurance covers damages that a pet may cause to third parties, including personal injury and damage to property. If the dog causes any damage, causes an accident or bites a person, this liability insurance covers the expenses related to compensation. There are more than nine million dogs in Spain[1], and it has been mandatory to have public liability insurance to cover dogs and their humans since the approval of the Animal Welfare Law.

About Allianz Seguros

Allianz Seguros is the main subsidiary of the Allianz Group in Spain and a leading company in the Spanish insurance sector. To offer the best results to its customers, the company is committed to physical proximity (with branches and offices staffed by more than 2,000 employees and a network of more than 10,000 brokers) and technology (through its app for smartphones and tablets, etc.), an eCustomer area of the corporate website, and more than 500,000 text messages sent to its customers annually).

It has one of the most comprehensive and innovative product ranges on the market and is based on the concept of integral security. The company's products and services range from personal and family to business policies, offering Life, Motor Vehicle, Home, Accident, and Health Insurances, as well as multi-risk options for companies and businesses and highly complex personalised insurance solutions.


[1] National Association of Pet Food Manufacturers and the National Institute of Statistics, 2021