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02 September 2021

MBFWMadrid Presents the Official Calendar of its 74th Edition

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The great runway of Spanish fashion, which has the special support of the City of Madrid, will be held between September 16 and 19 in Pavilion 14.1 of IFEMA MADRID and other venues in the city, and will bring together 37 national designers.

The most relevant encounter in the Spanish fashion industry will maintain its hybrid form as in the last two editions. There is an increase in the number of on-site fashion shows, which will be complemented by digital fashion shows.

This is a summoning that brings back together recognized names of the fashion creator national scene like Duarte, Duyos, Malne, Marcos Luengo, Pertegaz, Roberto Torretta and Teresa Helbig.

One of the novelties of this edition will be the Allianz EGO Confidence in Fashion Award, aimed at designers participating in the Allianz EGO Showroom in order to promote the creative and business development of their brands.

The fashion world is celebrating. The great event of designer fashion in Spain is about to begin. In fact, the MBFWMadrid runway already has the official calendar of its 74th edition with a program rich in content, where the resurgence of Spanish fashion is evident. The event, organized by IFEMA MADRID with the support of the Madrid City Council, thus begins the countdown to hold a new edition from September 16 to 19, 2021 in Pavilion 14.1 of the fairgrounds and other venues in the city.

The great platform of Spanish fashion is at the gates of a new edition in which the recognized names of the national scene, like Duarte, Duyos, Malne, Marcos Luengo, Pertegaz, Roberto Torretta and Teresa Helbig, are coming back together. In this edition, in addition to presenting the new fashion boom in Spain, there will still be the momentum for digitalization that has been ongoing for several editions, visible once again in this edition in the MBFWMADRID digital platform, with quality content that complements the runway show program, as well as presentations of collections in video format, or with the use of technological resources to accompany the face-to-face presentation. Moreover, this edition includes initiatives aimed at strengthening the Sustainability and Internationalization of MBFWMadrid.

Regarding novelties, the capacity of the attendees has been increased with respect to the last two editions. For this event, while following safety and health criteria, a capacity of 42 percent of the parade hall has been established. Another novelty is the return of the public to Cibelespacio. Visitors will be able to learn about the activities carried out by the different brands that sponsor MBFWMadrid and visit the Allianz EGO Showroom with direct sales to the general public in the area surrounding the fashion show hall.

In total, this edition of MBFWMadrid counts on the participation of 37 designers. Of these, 17 are established artists, 8 are part of the Allianz EGO Young Creators Platform and 12 are participating in the OFF format.

All the designers presenting their collections at MBFWMadrid, both ON and OFF, have been evaluated by the Fashion Committee, which acts as the event's advisory body and is comprised of fourteen leading professionals with extensive experience in the fashion industry.

OFF Program

Once again, MBFWMadrid will have an attractive OFF program that will take place in the days before and during the runway show. Twelve designers from the national scene will participate and their fashion shows and presentations will be held in different venues in the city of Madrid.

Jorge Vázquez, Roberto Verino, Maison Mesa, Garcia Madrid, Ailanto, ABRA, Pilar Dalbat, Paloma Suárez, Felix Ramiro, Maria Lafuente and Odette Álvarez will present their collections as part of the OFF program of MBFWMADRID. The BLUR fashion show of the ESNE school and the video of the Centro Superior de Diseño de Moda Madrid (CSDMM) will complete this program. García Madrid, Roberto Verino, Ailanto and Jorge Vázquez will present their collections a few days before the start of the runway show in a live format, and the other creators participating in the OFF program will do so, complementing each daily event of the Pavilion 14.1 of IFEMA MADRID.

Andres Sardá will open the program of this edition

Andrés Sardá will open the program of this edition followed by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Fernando Claro, Duarte, Duyos and Malne, who will close the day. The OFF program on this first day will include the presentation of the ESNE school, with its BLUR fashion show, as well as that of the Odette Álvarez firm.

The second day of MBFWMADRID will open with the Dolores Cortés swimwear show, followed by Hannibal Laguna, Roberto Torretta, Lola Casademunt by Maite and PertegazTeresa Helbig will conclude the day on Friday in Pavilion 14.1. The OFF Program on Friday the 17th will feature collections by Maison Mesa and María Lafuente.

On Saturday, the last day of fashion shows by established designers, will begin with the presentation of the Isabel Sanchís collection, followed by Maya Hansen with a conceptual presentation of her new collection in the performance format. After her, it will be the turn of Custo Barcelona and the firm Otrura. Before the end of the day, the L'Oréal Paris Best Collection and L'Oréal Paris Best Model awards will be presented. Marcos Luengo will close the fashion show calendar in Pavilion 14.1 with an impressive presentation. The OFF Program on this third day will include the presentations of the firms Pilar Dalbat, ABRA and Ernesto Naranjo, and the Centro Superior de Diseño de Moda de Madrid.

A new award for creative and entrepreneurial development of young designers

In its second edition as sponsor of the great emerging design platform Allianz EGO, the insurance company is launching the ALLIANZ EGO CONFIDENCE IN FASHION award with the aim of contributing to the creative and business development in the world of young creators. This recognition will allow a designer to develop his or her collection for the next edition of the Allianz EGO runway show as well as receive professional advice for six months to boost the business vision of his or her brand. The award ceremony will take place on Sunday, September 19, at the beginning of the day dedicated to young talents.

The award ceremony will give way to the presentations of the collections of the young creators in a program structured in four double runway shows. It will begin with Goodption and Morle, followed by the collections of Karont and Temporal, and will continue with the fashion shows of 404 Studio and Montenegro. The Allianz EGO Program will conclude with the fashion shows of Delanovoa and Puzzle, and the presentation of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent award that will put the finishing touch to the day focused on young creators. This award, as usual, will distinguish the best emerging creator whose collection stands out in terms of creation, innovation and sustainability.

The OFF Program on this day will include the fashion shows of Paloma Suárez and Félix Ramiro.

MBFWBerlin-MBFWMadrid alliance

In terms of internationalization, MBFWMadrid has taken a step forward with the agreement reached with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. This collaboration includes, among others, the streaming of the Madrid fashion shows on the official MBFWBerlin channels, as well as other special events aimed at granting visibility to MBFWMadrid on the Berlin runway.

The aim of this event is to create a collaborative space in which, starting with this edition, fashion from other international runways can be presented on the Madrid runway and vice versa, and at the same time continue the process of the international expansion of MBFWMadrid and its designers to new markets. The agreement is a great stimulus for both runways as platforms to promote designers at a global level.

Madrid City Council committed to Spanish Fashion

This edition of MBFWMadrid will count on, once again, the special support of the Madrid City Council. Through various activities and calls that will be held in conjunction to the runway, the City Council reinforces, in the context of such a complex context marked by COVID, its commitment to the design industry and to turn the city of Madrid into a major European benchmark for designer fashion.

Thus, the Madrid es Moda [Madrid is Fashion] initiative, organized by the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España (ACME), with the support of Madrid Capital de Moda, will develop, in conjunction with MBFWMadrid, a series of activities in different parts of the city, with fashion as the main star. With this involvement, the Madrid City Council will participate in various activations that will lend visibility to Madrid as the epicenter of Spanish fashion.

MBFWMadrid consolidates the support of major sponsoring brands

In this new edition, and in a complex economic context like the current one, the commitment shown by the 16 sponsors of MBFWMadrid holds a special value. All are leaders in their respective sectors and share their support for Spanish fashion.

Mercedes-Benz, L'Oréal Paris and Inditex continue as the main sponsors; Allianz, Iberia and MÓ de Multiópticas, as sponsors; and Amazon Fashion, Leica, Klarna, ESNE, GHD, Solán de Cabras, La Prohibida, Mar de Frades, Garmin and Unisa as collaborators. 

International Media Partner of MBFWMadrid: ¡HOLA! TV

Another novelty of this runway edition is the agreement with ¡HOLA! TV as an International Media Partner. This Miami-based channel, with broadcasts in the United States and Latin America, has a great international reach thanks to its coverage in more than 20 countries, and will offer special programming on MBFWMadrid during the days of the event, as well as exclusive content on the event.

Maintaining safety measures to celebrate MBFWMadrid

MBFWMadrid maintains the health protocols that have been developed by IFEMA MADRID with the aim of organizing the flow of people, their mobility in the event, safety distance, maintaining capacity checks, and the implementation of digital tools to maintain health measures. You can learn about all the safety measures carried out at IFEMA MADRID here.