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12 February 2024

Mercedes-Benz combines aesthetics, design and innovation at the latest edition of MBFWMadrid

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The brand with the three-pointed star logo is a major force behind the Spanish fashion industry at Spain's leading fashion week, to take place at IFEMA MADRID from 15 to 18 February

The Recinto Ferial at IFEMA MADRID is always the best dressed place in the city while it hosts the 79th edition of Spain's top fashion event from 15 to 18 February. Yet again, Fashion Week is backed by Mercedes-Benz, which has been the top sponsor for 26 years and has lent its name to the event - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, for 25 years. This has established a close bond between the brand with the three-pointed star logo and the sector and has cemented its position as a major force in Spanish and international fashion.

Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven, a futuristic, 100% electric concept car

The Mercedes-Benz stand in the Cibelespacio is always a magnet for fashion lovers, and this year will be no exception. Mercedes-Benz will take the opportunity to present - for the first time in Spain - the futuristic Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven concept car, a skilful 100% electric callback to the mythical C 111 from the 1970s. It is inspired by iconic luxury as, according to Gorden Wagener - the company's head of design - "Icons make the difference between mainstream and luxury".  

The spectacular supercar is a symbiosis between design and technology, a tribute to the past of the brand. It takes inspiration from its DNA: it inherits its low-lying central engine and gull-wing doors but takes a step further in its advanced propulsion technology as a 100% electrified vehicle with a new battery concept with high-performance liquid-cooled round cells based on a new cell chemistry inspired by Formula 1. It has a stunning futuristic, aerodynamic design with a chassis made lighter by modern materials, such as carbon fibre and aluminium, for enhanced energy efficiency.

This experimental model was also the inspiration for the Limited Edition 1 of 111, a capsule collection of accessories that evokes the orange and silver colour pairing. Some of these pieces are displayed on the stand, such as a bag, a cap, a sweatshirt, sunglasses and a smartphone case of which only 111 units of each have been produced.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent crosses the Atlantic again

For more than a decade, Mercedes-Benz has been giving visibility to Spanish fashion talent through the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent award, now in its 23rd edition. 

The event, which will be held on Sunday, 18 February, will recognise the best emerging designer from among the nine participants in the Allianz EGO day: Coconutscankill, Dimoni, Juan VG, Oriol Clavell, Evade House, Anystudio, Adrià Egea, Visori Studio and Peter Sposito Studio. With very different styles, these creators will take emerging design to the highest heights, betting on craftsmanship and trends like upcycling to give a second life to forgotten garments and fabrics. 

The candidates will show their creations on the catwalk in the hopes of receiving an award that will give them the opportunity to present their collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico, as did Aitorgoikoetxea, the winning firm at the 21st edition last October. Also from the Mexican catwalk comes Toronero, the international guest firm that will close a day of catwalk shows at IFEMA MADRID, whose creations combine the folk aesthetics of ancient Mexico with urban elements.

A 100% electric fleet at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid

Mercedes-Benz, the official event vehicle, will bring an all-electric fleet to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, as it has since March 2021. The brand provides superior travel thanks to intelligent electric mobility without neglecting the design and innovation so characteristic of its vehicles.