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19 April 2021

The 73rd edition of MBFWMadrid at IFEMA MADRID is a Great Success in its Commitment to a Hybrid Format

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• More than 3 million impacts generated due to the coverage in the varying social media of MBFWMadrid, and more than 90K page views on the runway’s web platform • 34 designers comprised the official calendar of MBFWMadrid in the second edition held with the implementation of health restrictions due to COVID-19 • MBFWMadrid was the world’s first hybrid runway show with runway shows and in-person attendance • A rigorous security protocol allowed the carrying out of the event, which has received nearly 6,000 attendees to all its shows held inside and outside IFEMA MADRID, during its four days.

MBFWMadrid, organized by IFEMA MADRID together with the Madrid City Council, is closing its 73rd edition after four intense days of fashion shows, performances and fashion films, carried out in an optimistic and exciting atmosphere by all participants in the most important event in national fashion. The great platform of the Spanish fashion industry took place from 8 to 11 April at IFEMA MADRID and other locations in the city of Madrid, with a reinforced hybrid format, which has combined face-to-face shows and online presentations.

Nearly 6,000 visitors

Of the 34 designers who comprised the official calendar of MBFWMadrid, 22 presented their collections in Hall 14.1 of IFEMA MADRID, while 12 did so in different locations in Madrid or with online presentations in the off-program. Surrounded by strict security measures, the fashion shows and different formats in presenting the collections were carried out with all the health guarantees, allowing each of the participating designers to delight the public with the best staging of their collections. In addition to the nearly 6,000 attendees who physically traveled to “live out” fashion in person, it should be noted the large following that the runway had in digital media.

Web Platform Monitoring

The digital impact of MBFWMadrid has been a resounding success thanks to its hybrid format, which reached more than 30k users, generating more than 40k sessions during the four days of the runway. In addition, 90k pages were viewed by users of the official MBFWMadrid website, which offers high quality content such as the content broadcasted

through MBFWMadrid TV by OPPO, the Fashion Talks: discussions between great fashion professionals moderated by the prestigious journalist Carmen Mañana; trends captured by expert eyes in the Street Style section by well-known figures who attended the runway these days; Fashion Lessons, with the tips and teachings of the designers participating in the official calendar.

This content strategy and its quality and diversity marked a clear upward trend in visits to the website and in the interest generated toward the event’s sponsoring brands, which also contributed to the generation of this content. It is undoubtedly a great result that strengthen MBFWMadrid’s commitment to the hybridization of the runway, where the face-to-face experience is the main feature, without leaving aside online presentations, nor the complementarity of the web platform.

Three million RRSS impressions

The coverage of the fashion shows and various formats for the presentation of the collections, the broadcasts on what was happening at the stands of the sponsors, as well as the content developed ad hoc on the MBFWMadrid web platform, among other features, were disseminated on the official profiles of the runway, achieving more than 3 million impressions on social networks. In this way, the almost 2 million impacts on Instagram and more than 1 million impacts generated on Facebook stand out. The sum of impressions is complemented by the content disseminated on the official profiles of MBFWMadrid on Twitter, Youtube and Tik Tok.

A calendar full of talent adapted to a new era

  • Thursday, 8 April 2021

Andrés Sardá opened the official calendar of MBFWMadrid at IFEMA MADRID on Thursday, April 8 with a fashion film accompanied by a spectacular performance, which paid tribute to the happy and sensual 1920s. It was followed by the staging of the Sevillian firm Fernando Claro. Otrura triumphed in its premiere at MBFWMadrid with its masterful fashion cuts, its concept of contemporary tailoring and the vindication of trades. Maya Hansen - who returned to the runway after a few editions without participating - presented her new collection in tribute to the corset as a prominent element in her garments. For his part, Pablo Erroz -who presented a show for the first time at MBFWMadrid- did not disappoint and met the high expectations placed on his work based on sustainability and the timeless and genderless concept of his collection.

In the OFF program, Roberto Verino, García Madrid, the presentation of the NUDES collection by ESNE students and Eduardo Navarrete, completed the day with the presentation of online proposals in different spaces in the city of Madrid.

  • Friday, 9 April

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada took the baton on the second day with a colorful and energetic staging that filled the stands of the Mercedes-Benz hall with optimism. The day continued with Hannibal Laguna, who showed off the elegance and vaporous garments, an icon of his firm. Custo Barcelona, true to its own style, presented a contemporary and young collection; Maite by Lola Casademunt made its debut at MBFWMadrid with a fashion show that championed the British style. To close the day, Brain & Beast did a unique runway set-up, where their memorabilia and an antique booth ruled the room. 

Regarding the fashion shows on this day that were part of the OFF program of the official calendar, the Opening Night of UPM-CSDMM was presented as well as the collections of Ernesto Naranjo and Odette Alvarez.

  • Saturday, 10 April

Saturday was a day with an important social element to the fashion shows. The day was opened by Angel Schlesser, in collaboration with L'Oréal Paris, paying tribute to the brand’s claim "Because we are worth it," which celebrates its 50th anniversary by incorporating a great diversity of women into its casting of models. The luxury and brilliance of Isabel Sanchís creations once again impressed the audience and online viewers. Ulises Mérida -who joined us again in this edition- presented his collection in collaboration with APRAM in his most solidary fashion show. Maison Mesa, for its part, once again made its mark with its Rave collection. The final touch to the program of established creators was the presentation of the L'Oréal Paris Award for Best Collection, which went to the Otrura firm, and the L'Oréal Paris Award for Best Model, which was awarded to the young Olivia Martín.

The main stars of the Off-program were Pilar Dalbat, Yvan Andreu, Dominnico and Buj Studio.

  • Sunday, 11 April: Allianz EGO Day

The day dedicated to young talents celebrated its 15th anniversary and welcomed its new sponsor, Allianz Insurance. The day was inaugurated with a commemorative event, a very special moment, with the participation of prominent designers of the current fashion scene, who one day began their careers at EGO. Thus, María Escoté, Maya Hansen and Dominnico shared some emotional words encouraging the group of young designers to continue working in this long-distance race that is fashion.

Allianz Insurance thus begins a new path in the largest national fashion event by supporting the most innovative emerging firms. In addition to the fashion shows, during the four days of the runway, a selection of young designers exhibited their collections for sale in the the Allianz EGO showrooms accessible to the public.

Four double fashion shows brought together the names of the day, which began with Guillermo Décimo and Corsicana; Rubearth and Reparto Studio; Sergio Villasante and Velásquez, and ended with the presentation of the Georgiela Studio and Montenegro collections. 

At the end of these fashion shows, the Allianz EGO jury awarded the winner of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent Award - which is now in its seventeenth edition, rewarding the talent and creativity of young designers and which, on this occasion, as in September 2020, consisted of a financial prize of €3,000 - went to the Rubearth firm via the young designer Gabriel Nogueiras. Rubearth presented its Fat Mancollection  inspired by the atomic bomb.

Also on Sunday, María Lafuente, in the Off-program, organized her presentation at the headquarters of the Spanish Olympic Committee.         

Extensive media coverage

This MBFWMadrid event was a major event because of the great designers who participated in it, as well as the great coverage and support received by the media. Mood and optimism marked the spectating of the runway in this edition, reaching 7,000 media impacts during the days of the event, thus surpassing the results of previous editions.

Sponsors: the great allies of MBFWMadrid

Although the economic situation resulting from the pandemic is complex, the private sector has continued to show its commitment to the national fashion industry and its creators. This edition of MBFWMadrid counted with the outstanding sponsorship of 16 brands that wanted to be present in its April 2021 edition. Mercedes-Benz, L'Oréal Paris and Inditex as the main sponsors; Allianz, Iberia, OPPO, MÓ de Multiópticas, as sponsors; and Klarna, ESNE, GHD, Larios 12, Vegamar, Solán de Cabras, Mascarillas Béjar, UNISA and Comunidad de Madrid as collaborators.  

Strong commitment of the Madrid City Council to Spanish Fashion

An important addition to this April event is the support of the Madrid City Council as a sign of its commitment to Spanish fashion, supporting the MBFWMadrid runway and the various activities and events that converged in parallel on the same dates, through its Madrid Capital of Fashion program. Thus the City Council reinforces its commitment to the design industry and transforming the city of Madrid into a major European benchmark for designer fashion.  

In this way, and under the same umbrella of the Madrid Capital of Fashion program, the Madrid is Fashion initiative was held just after MBFWMadrid, organized by the Association of Fashion Designers of Spain (ACME), which carried out a series of activities in different parts of the city, with fashion as the main star.

Community of Madrid

The runway also counted on the collaboration of the Community of Madrid, to promote the capital as a driver of fashion, design, industry and creativity, supporting the promotion and encouragement of culture and tourism in the region as a destination for fashion, shopping and luxury.