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07 February 2024

A total of 21 designers will showcase their creative talent at the 79th Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid

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Famous names, newcomers, and the relaunch of one of Spain’s most prestigious fashion houses, Elio Berhanyer, will make the upcoming edition of MBFWMadrid a stellar event

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid was presented today at the Centro Comercial Caleido shopping centre during Madrid Fashion Week. The event was attended by Engracia Hidalgo, government representative from the Madrid City Council’s Economy, Innovation and Taxation area; Modesto Lomba, president of ACME, who presented a new edition of Madrid es Moda; and Juan Arrizabalaga, general manager of IFEMA MADRID, who shared some of the main features of MBFWMadrid after being welcomed by the manager of the CC Caleido shopping centre, Beatriz Martín.

The 79th edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid

The countdown has started to the edition of the 79th MBFWMadrid, Spain’s biggest fashion platform, where the 24/25 autumn/winter collections will take to the catwalk. The event, organised by IFEMA MADRID, will take place from 15 to 19 February and is set to be a cornucopia of national design talent. This time it will take place from 15 to 18 February in Hall 14.1 of the Recinto Ferial, and, the Desfiles en la Ciudad (Fashion Shows in the City) will be held on 19 February, the day after the Allianz EGO runway show.


The official lineup at MBFWMadrid consists of 21 highly prestigious fashion creators who will show their designs from Thursday to Saturday. There will be newcomers to the show like Acromatyx (an artisan tailoring firm with a disruptive, avant-garde view of fashion), joined by well-known favourites like Inuñez and renewed firms like Elio Berhanyer, which will relaunch in style on the catwalk at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. Important faces from the national scene like Marcos Luengo, Duyos, Pablo Erroz (who will present his only collection of the year) and Encinar will also be back at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid to launch their new collections.

With them will be other firms faithful to this fashion extravaganza, such as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Claro Couture, Custo Barcelona, Fely Campo, Hannibal Laguna, Isabel Sanchís, Lola Casademunt by Maite, Malne, Mans (winner of the L’Oréal Paris award for the Best Collection in September 2023), Odette Álvarez, Paloma Suárez, Pedro del Hierro, Roberto Torretta and Simorra.

On Sunday, the spotlight will fall on the ten emerging talents who will headline the Allianz EGO catwalk show: Coconutscankill (winner of the Allianz EGO Confidence in Fashion award in September 2023), Dimoni, Juan VG, Oriol Clavell, Evade House, Anystudio, Adriá Egea, Visori Studio, Peter Sposito Studio and Toronero, a designer from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico, who will show at MBFWMadrid through the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent exchange programme. There will be seven presentations on Monday, 19 February, namely the Desfiles en la Ciudad (Fashion Shows in the City) hosted by a variety of venues in Madrid (UDIT -University of Design, Innovation and Technology, -scheduled for Tuesday, 13 February-; Andrew Pocrid; Roberto Verino; Rafael Urquízar; Félix Ramiro; SKFK; Ángel Schlesser; and María Lafuente).


In parallel to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid show programme, and with the aim of offering the public attending Cibelespacio an optimal experience, the new CibelFEST space will be launched this edition. The area will have new dining options, updated for this edition, and a constant variety of activities related to various disciplines of art: concerts by talented new musicians, presentations of technology applied to fashion, talks by experts in the industry, and even immersive activities with music to explore the most sensory side of culture.

Sponsorships and awards

MBFWMadrid is made possible by the unconditional support of the almost 20 sponsors participating in this edition: Mercedes-Benz, L’Oréal Paris, and Inditex are the main sponsors. They are joined by Allianz, Iberia and Multiopticas as sponsors and collaborators Dorsia Clinics, GHD, UDIT University of Design and Technology, Samsung, Community of Madrid, Málaga de Moda along with the corporate identity of the Provincial Council of Málaga, Junta de Castilla y León, Mar de Frades, Schweppes, Martin Miller’s Gin, and the participation of ESDEN Business School. ¡HOLA! TV will return as the international television of MBFWMadrid and Telemadrid, which will be the collaborating medium of the event.

In addition to their support for the event, the sponsors will show their loyalty to the fashion industry through the awards presented during MBFWMadrid: the L’Oréal Paris award for the best collection, an accolade that will be awarded by a jury and whose candidates will be the designers showing their collections from Thursday to Saturday; the L’Oréal Paris award for the best model; the Allianz EGO Confidence in Fashion award for the best designer of the Allianz EGO showroom; and the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent award, which will put the finishing touch to the day with the award to the Best Designer who will walk on the runway on Sunday.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid will be held from 15 to 19 February 2024 in Hall 14.1 of the Recinto Ferial at IFEMA MADRID and in selected venues throughout the city.