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Peter Sposito Studio

Peter Sposito Studio at MBFWMadrid

About Peter Sposito Studio

Peter Sposito challenges conventional fashion by seeing it as an authentic artistic expression. His approach lies in the unique mixing of styles and deconstruction of garments, prioritizing individuality over fantasy. Theatricality and historical references merge with street fashion, provoking a bold reinterpretation. The brand eschews conventional marketing, focusing on artistic expression and the craftsmanship of moulage. Fashion, for Sposito, is a discipline, a means of expression, not just a commercial premise.

Collection lines

“The RTW couture” dives into the very essence of life: being born, growing up, adapting and dying, represented by the seasons of the year. Without excessive drama, it is approached from the perspective of realising the transition to adulthood and the continuous learning about life. This approach translates into the motto "'cause you're the couture of your ready to wear".

Learning to savour every moment, valuing small details, affection and freedom, and being the best version of yourself on a daily basis are the cornerstones. The inspiration goes back to the designer's childhood, growing up in a village. Traditional garments that represented the region, along with memories from the everyday to the absurd, serve as crucial elements.

The collection draws on the connection to childhood, incorporating traditional garments and specific moments as reference. Both the familiar and the quirky are explored, fusing the everyday with the exceptional. In addition, the designer's previous creations are integrated, revealing saved silhouettes and iconic elements of his brand.

The act of colliding with reality is reflected in the opening of doors to the past to refocus and reinterpret experiences. This collection is not only an aesthetic representation of life, but a personal rebirth, a reminder that fashion can be a powerful form of reflection and self-recognition. Each garment tells a unique story, fusing the past with the present in an act of creativity that transcends seasons and life stages.

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