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N (eolution) 022

N (eolution) 022 by Yvan Andreu recreates a paradigm of human evolution to capture the new vision of a human being who lives in a clean, ideal and free universe through a ready-to-wear unisex collection.

It creates a different version of ourselves, where the unknown has its place and it is accepted as natural, as a part of the whole imagined world. In this transhumanist scenario, technology and scientific advances serve to improve human capacities and leave prejudices behind. The idea of ​​learning and inspiring from other civilizations that, perhaps exist beyond our understanding, become the leitmotif of the collection by the strength and freedom of movement through the galaxy.

Yvan Andreu features the Spanish company Nagami for the development of various co-created accessories for Neolution and for the staging of the show. Nagami is a leading company in the object and furniture design sector that explores the future of design in a new technological era.

A splendorous iridescence floods everything, the present makes us dream of a better future.