Xvstrange at MBFWMadrid

About Xvstrange

XVSTRANGE is an urban fashion brand based in Madrid, Spain.
The brand was founded in 2018 by two young boys from Equatorial Guinea and is currently focused on designing men and women collections.

XVSTRANGE was founded with the goal of highlighting the power of clothing to help people express themselves and find that connection between the person and the garment.

The inspiration of the brand when the designers are creating the garments comes from two artistic aspects: street art, specifically from the graffiti, and abstract art, the designs are reflected in the articles using textile spray and textile paint as main materials, thus turning the fabric into the surface where they can give free rein to their artistic vision.

Líneas de la colección 

The collection that the brand will present at Allianz Ego is called ASAMSE, the concept of the collection is transformation.

Transformation is something constant in life since pain, negative emotions, adverse situations and even the environment can destroy the person, but from that destruction a new version can emerge.

The designers seek to work from the imperfection of the garment to be able to show it at its crudest point, focusing on social points such as punk and grunge.
That is why when they creating the pieces, they use bleach, paint and techniques to break and wear the garment to show the emotions of the times suffered that lead to that transformation and through these precise alterations ultimately the clothes are transformed into a wearable and stylish garment.

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