Wastaholic at MBFWMadrid

The Collection

What do I want? What do I really need? Does what surrounds me really represent me? These questions, together with basic human rights to freedom, to have fun and be able to show who you really are the foundations of the WASTAHOLIC brand.

In a reality which is increasingly unrecognisable due to speed and the virtual world, where different human autonomies are continually under threat, we advocate exploring self-expression and making the fantasies of the imagination more real than ever. Rejecting the dark forces that oppress us and do not let us be, the search for happiness and joy appears, and we believe that this act means caring for the environment in every sense. For WASTAHOLIC, achieving freedom means respecting the life that surrounds you, starting with yourself, setting your own pace.

The relationship between couture, day-to-day clothing and textile waste.