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Fall/Winter 24/25


Visori Studio at MBFWMadrid

About Visori Studio

Visori is a Spanish fashion firm currently located between Valencia and Madrid. Its designer and creative director is Javier Soria, whom they endorse more than 20 years working in the world of fashion. Numerous collections and fashion shows have been seen in cities such as London, Madrid, Brussels, Sibiu or Barcelona, among many others and is one of the designers that has positioned itself most in the Club Figaro awards, coming to participate with more than 10 shows daily.

Javier Soria loves to create unique and exclusive pieces that will only exist once. He has currently made the costume design for the latest musical by Nacho Cano, Malinche, in Madrid and his career has been recognized by the National Revelation Award with the award for Best Designer 2022 and that same year recognized as Clec Fashion Super Star on the valencian catwalk Clec Fashion Festival.

His last show at the prestigious Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid has led him to a settlement of the brand much more potential, coming to dress celebrities such as Danna Paola, Lali Espósito or Arca.

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The volt symbol is a V (as the first initial of our brand Visori) and represents the electrical voltage and the base locomotive force of electricity. Based on this and looking for its most conceptual side and taking it to the world of fashion, we have redirected to one of the epochs of cultural and visual movement, for us most important in the path of the evolution of trends: punk . What better than this trend that electrocuted the whole world and took more than one breath away.

Toda nuestra filosofía como marca reside también en muchos de los puntos estéticos del punk, como la deconstrucción de prendas y los acabados de efectos destruidos, tan tendencia actualmente.

Para nosotros el punk nace en Londres y de la mano de una de las diseñadoras más relevantes en este panorama, la ya icónica Vivienne Westwood. Superfans de esta gran diseñadora y de su inigualable estilo, nuestra colección es también un voltio homenaje a esta gran mujer.


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