Spring/Summer 24


About Viriato

Viriato was born in 1959 as a pioneer brand in the knitwear textile industry.

Our design team unites experience and creative talent through a collaborative Project with a common goal, to create high quality garments, made in Spain, versatile and comfortable, inspired by the origins of the firm, the tricot.

Collection lines

With a tropical mood, Viriato's spring/summer 2024 collection is inspired by the beauty of nature, featuring prints of palm trees and large watercolor flowers. Aquatic colors like blues and greens are paired with warm shades of orange, pink and tan. A range of tonalities irelated with wellness, sunsets or feelings.

Viriato's new collection for summer 2024 is an invitation to escape and search energy in contact with nature, especially on the islands. This collection is designed to evoke tranquility and positive energies that takes place in these locations.

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