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I’m lazy, I like doing nothing, always late and always do things in last minute but what if I can use my bad habits to create something good out of it?

what if I were a lazy designer? what would I do to save time in designing something, or not designing anything at all?

I started to replicate my daily outfit out of mundane material ‘paper’ and I keep living my life by wearing paper garments to sleep, to waking up late, to running late to class to take Uber, to toilet and showering.

Paper garments recorded my body movements resulting in final designed garment with creases, destroyed bits of paper, crumpled up and wrinkles. In the other words, the design process was happening by not having to design at all !!!

I’ve recorded everything through time-base method, videoing simultaneously as the paper itself recorded the time I spent wearing them, the longer I wear the more effects will happened on the paper.

Lastly, I’ve replicated fragile paper garments into long-lasting linen garments.

I choose to use traditional clothes making methods such as pattern making, sewing, patchworks, and fusing.