Tiscar Espadas
Spring/Summer 24

Tiscar Espadas

Tiscar Espadas at MBFWMadrid

About Tiscar Espadas

Tíscar Espadas (Úbeda, 1993).

Following her time at different fashion houses in Madrid and the Henrik Vibskov workshop in Copenhagen - graduating from The Royal College of Art, awarded with the Burberry Scholarship – namesake Tíscar Espadas founded the brand 2019 in London.

Tíscar is currently working in her own creative studio in Madrid, where she generates a broad and diverse artistic language around her particular collections of clothes.

She had been presenting her collections in  different Fashion Weeks as London, Milan, Tokyo, Madrid Fashion

Week. Her pieces can be found in a select list of stores, mostly in Asia.

At TÍSCAR ESPADAS Studio, clothing is the connecting axis of a much broader and diverse language where collaboration (with other artists, disciplines and artisans) get combined to create a full complete language.

Raw Spanish authenticity, the craftsman eye for detail, and freedom to wear is rippling through every look, characterising Tiscar Espadas design.

The garments are made through a combination of exploration and technical construction. Incorporating the delicacy of details, care for material and what is accidentally found along the way of making. Each garment is unique and handcrafted by local manufacturers. Traces of this process are noticeable in each garment, linking the final piece to its origin and production process.

Collection lines 

CAPÍTULO V - Did just someone tweak your ears or was it all dream? As we wandered through open fields, observed the winds in poplar trees, in transit, we couldn’t help but be reminded of all the golden hours, hand on hand. Let it serve as a gentle souvenir of the beauty that exists in the world, and the cherished memories we have created along our journeys. To look means, memorize.

In our quest to combine progressive forms with the artistry of handcraft, we stumbled upon a couple of skilled hands and devoted hearts to join our next destination. Step into a new chapter of TÍSCAR ESPADAS, as we unveil a series of hand-woven Spanish untreated wool jerseys and cardigans.

The inclusion of ceramic brooches, tie rings and bag holders and the creation of handcrafted leather and wood footwear including 3D tools and modelling.

As you navigate through CAPÍTULO V you witness the successful integration of traditional craftsmanship with innovation. As well as the sensible selection of materials ensures the highest quality fabrics that provide comfort, longevity, and an ideal canvas. The result is a collection of garments that bear the mark of human craftsmanship and attention to detail, creating a sense of individuality and uniqueness in each piece.

Walk slow and until we meet again, may this token of remembrance serve as a reminder of the moments we've shared and the adventures that await us in the future.

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