Temporal in MBFWM

Collection lines

Her first collection, Solsticio, which belongs to Temporal brand, tries to integrate a series of concerns that vibrate within the different dimensions of the world of fashion’s realm. On the one hand, as it’s name indicates, the collection refers to pagan rituals, on the other hand, it refers to the clothing of the smaller communities that still exist today; that venerate fertility and harvest cycles ... Many products of popular contemporary culture such as the film Midsommar or the literary work The ritual have focused on these groups and have made them the object of study. Linking with these communities, there is an intention to reveal the psychological role of clothing in religious schisms, if there is a causal relationship between clothing and the gregarious nature of the members of the cults and in what sense this relationship flows.

The creative process in these communities is nourished by giving a second life to the materials that are at their disposal. This same process is the one that has been followed in Patricia's collection, selecting the raw material in textile and antique markets. This way of proceeding makes each piece in the collection feel genuine, promoting ideas such as the particular background history, or multiple indeed, of each garment since there is a very meticulous patchwork behind it each and every piece.