Fall/Winter 24/25

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About SKFK

Since 1999 we have been working to create a different kind of fashion: creative, timeless and with a unique identity. We are GOTS certified and were the first Fairtrade® certified fashion brand in Spain.

Everything in life must have a purpose. SKFK has a purpose: to show the fashion industry that change is possible, that our negative impacts can be reversed and that art, design and innovation can be at the forefront of regenerative fashion.

We believe in creating a unique identity through art and design, and we value the creative work behind creating a collection; we stand apart from what this industry imposes and stay true to our style and values.

The prints and creative work are developed entirely in our offices in the Basque Country, and we collaborate with artists and designers, friends of the brand, who have helped us to create a meeting point between fashion and art.

Collection lines

Basque. Charm, amulet, something beloved.
The things we love the most are protected by the power of magic

Everything around our roots is surrounded by magic. The magical beliefs are transformed into totems that help us take care of where we come from and our environment. This collection helps us cherish our roots, those beloved traditions we want to take care of.

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