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Roberto Diz

Roberto Diz at MBFWMadrid

About Roberto Diz

Robertodiz was born in 2002 and has been present on different national and international catwalks, although in recent years the brand's work has focused on tailor-made sewing, bridal fashion and the creation of pret-a-porter collections with very special editions. limited. He has really become known for his great sewing quality, making himself an essential name as a master for big occasions. In this sense, robertodiz has sold his creations to clients from all over the world: the United Arab Emirates, Liechtenstein or Latin American countries such as Mexico and Argentina. His work is truly acclaimed by the most elegant women in our country from Inés Domecq, the Peralta sisters and countless proper names, likewise he is a national designer with more presence on the red carpets being normal to see actresses and models wear his creations, from Aitana Sánchez Gijón, Blanca Suarez, Nieves Álvarez and even Penélope Cruz. Robertodiz also has several licenses, in the bridal sector with a ready-to-wear bridal line for the firm Victoria and has just launched a line of fabrics for the home together with CR Class. Robertodiz has also created uniforms for luxury hotel chains and haute cuisine. The designer born in Galicia in 1973, after studying in different schools, decided to set up his operations center in the south of Spain. Located in Seville and with a branch in Madrid, the firm continues to work for its private clientele and on new projects with the aim of strengthening its name.

Collection lines

Roberto Diz dives into the mystery of a human mind, neuronal activities and the biomechanical engineering processes. Continuing the line of the previous collection the designer expresses his necessity to humanize fashion, focusing on the minorities, in this case, the ones that minds are in the process of searching and self-affirmation.  For this occasion, Roberto Diz prints over silk satin neuronal maps that flows over a silhouette. Lines connecting the brain with the furthest points of the human body draw transparency over the mini cut out dresses in elastic tulle, colourful lacing that goes from aquamarine to blue indigo and intense red. Once again, the artist Benjamin Bulnes creates for the occasion chromatic pieces that takes the spectator to the field of biomechanical engineering bringing new sense to the movements of the human body.  
Roberto Diz propose much more wearable and casual garments where the trousers are the main focus in contrast to mini jewel dresses reminding sexy heroines. Of course, as expected, Roberto closes the collection with widely acclaimed red carpet long gowns.  

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