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Born from a subconscious dream “Despierta Despierta” talks about the awakening of the human being as individual. The awakening has place in a butterflies LAB. Butterfly means transformation which join to laboratory symbolism, mean a transformation process, but clumsy and slow, as each one ourselves in life basically.

Transformation process go through the healing of our inner kid, through our duality of femininity and masculinity and plurality of feelings acceptation. From this increase of conscience level derive a different society result from the one we are living today. A result where love to oneself grows and consequently world’s love gets exponential grow.

From this romantic idea and its developing gives place to his first collection after graduation in 2019, made it with scraps fabrics stocked from the last 4 years, making an exercise of upcycling of crochet bedspread, curtains, tablecloths and sheets. Mix of fabrics joined to sweet but strong silhouettes, makes catwalk a transformation process of beauty.

This 18 looks are worked out from fabrics stock, adapting patterns to get use all the spare fabric applying moulage techniques getting an optimums “garbage” result. The challenge is “ Being creative enough to make a collection where public can’t notice it was made with “my garbage” which after a time in the stock room would be through to the bin”.

We need to start to change the world and this is Robber Rodriguez actionspace to. The designer is convinced that we have to give a way out to things we generate and otherwise make a way back to value and respect fashion by creating unique and non-repeatable pieces, not driven by the voracious hunger of consumerism which removes the soul to something as beautiful as fashion it is.