Reparto at MBFWMadrid

About Reparto

REPARTO is a fashion brand that creates characters. Founded by Margil Peña (México) and Ana Viglione (Basque Country), that won the prize Allianz Ego Confidence in Fashion in last edition of the MBFWMadrid on September 2022.  

The brand was founded in 2019 as the diary of a generation. A brand that creates characters that portray themes that are not usually linked to the fashion world. They understand fashion as a self-discovery tool, showing something real and tangible, making  the day-to-day experiences a constant concept resource. Humor and their indifference stand out on their daily basis. Both creators demand an industry that contributes to a visual entertainment and also support a positive impact.  

REPARTO says goodbye to the Allianz Ego platform with their last collection: ‘To Be Continued…’ 

Collection lines

‘To Be Continued…’ is the third collection that brings closure to the Allianz EGO era. This collection is the last one on this platform but it would be the connecting point for the nearest future of the brand.  

‘Continuará...’ o ‘To Be Continued…’ is a term used in the entertainment world, to leave an open final or in suspense. This collection is a bit more sad and dark that others. Showing a nostalgic and melancholic feel much stronger than ever, making an emphasis with these feelings because their farewell.  

This collection would be starred by characters with a more personal background as: the pressure, leaving everything half way, the fear of becoming a TV broken toy or a love letter to your sixteen year old self. The colors that domain this collection are the black and pink sharing stage with techniques like up cycling, reuse of second hand garments, lace and recycled polyester. Also on this collection they would be collaborating with the brand Jane Bardot for the jewerly and with the designer Chus Portilla for a hand bags.

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