Rafael Urquizar
Fall/Winter 24/25

Rafael Urquizar

Rafael Urquizar at MBFWMadrid

About Rafael Urquizar

Rafael Urquizar was born in Malaga in 1971, and studied design at the ESMOD INTERNATIONAL FASHION GROUP PARIS.

When he finished his studies he started his own firm, which is now in its 35th year.

His collections have been marketed throughout Spain, presented on national and international catwalks.

He has also worked in design teams of firms such as Pedro del Hierro for the Cortefiel group among others, receiving awards such as the Aguja de Oro.

In the past few years the firm's work has focused on made-to-measure couture, bridal fashion and collections of what we define as limited edition pret-a-couture.

His designs are often seen at events and on red carpets, as they are the favourites of many actresses, singers and models.

Currently his atelier is located in Malaga, with a branch in Seville where he attends to his couture and bridal clients as well as working on his new projects with the aim of strengthening his firm.

Collection lines


As it happens to us in life, everything is destroyed in an explosion that terrifies us, but from which a version resurfaces in which the shadows are illuminated. Chaos is the origin of everything and in the times we are in we have to learn to move in it understanding that nothing is immutable, everything changes and transforms, parts of us die at every step to let out others that, although wounded and fragmented, stripped of so much artifice make us feel more at peace with ourselves.


CHAOS shows us a woman forged in a thousand battles who proudly exhibits her scars, because they are not the reflection of what she has suffered or of victimhood, but of what she has been able to overcome, of what she has learned and of the wisdom with which she faces a new stage in her life. CHAOS fragments us so that we can build from more authentic foundations, from it emerges a powerful woman.


Flamingo pink, grass green, petrol blue, white, black and gold.


Contrasts of volumes in jackets, dresses and skirts.

Look with strategic cuts that change the color of the garments.

Silk twill dresses and ensembles are printed in a chaos of colors.

As always, pants and jumpsuits are important in the collection.

Chaos floods our night...


Yak wool, knit wool, neoprene, silk taffeta, silk crepe, silk knit and eco-leather.

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