About Pertegaz

Fashion company founded in 1942 by Manuel Pertegaz. Since 2020 Jorge Vazquez is its Creative Director for the female pret a porter.

Collection lines

The new Autumn-Winter 2023/24 collection, PERTEGAZ atmosphere is flooded with retro inspirations through designs that evoke the 60s. The color pallette can be divided into two sections: on the one hand, neutral tones such as camel , black or burgundy, which contrast with vibrant color notes such as bougainvillea, acid lime or the color of the maison, Pertegaz fuchsia. The prints stands out, where classic motifs such as houndstooth coexist with decorative elements from bucolic inspiration or the animal print trend. All of them on a large scale and with a marked graphic style, forming garments with a wide silhouette accompanied by draping and volumes.

Fabrics such as cheviot, woolen cloth or alpaca give rise to both outer garments and the tailoring that characterizes PERTEGAZ.

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