Paula Alegría

Paula Alegria in MBFWMadrid

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This speculative project dilutes the limits between the natural and the artificial. It explores innovative design processes in order to produce devices that combine organic and inorganic materials and techniques from the future and the past, while exposing both the fresh and remote characteristics of these elements.

Each of these actions are understood and developed as an uninhibited ecosystem that extends the purpose of clothing to the living and non-living actors of all kinds.

This project evokes contemporary lines of thought (relational, connective, non-prior hierarchies and no barriers between the natural, the artificial and the social). It also reflects the work of diverse artists (such as Cage, Smithson, Saraceno, etc.) to carry out a personal analysis that blends provocation, sensitivity and technical precision.

Each device has been precisely and accurately developed, seeking both physical and ecosystemic solutions, using both artisan and the latest technology.

This project combines the rational and ecosystemic understanding, diminishing the boundaries between architecture and fashion, the natural and the artificial, the living and the non-living.