Marta Casal

Marta Casal in MBFWMadrid

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MARTACASAL- is an autobiographical brand whose fundamental pillars are honesty, loyalty and gratitude. Uses creative as well as consistent language. The label has a kind and warm tone of voice that provides comfort, while being part of today's world and participating in its social changes. It is aware of trends and that is reflected in the silhouette, details and design of the garments as well as in the general values of the brand. This tone seeks to awake interest, curiosity and leave the consumer wanting more.

The AW 20/21 collection is the reflection of a capitalist post-pandemic society, full of doubt, immerse in a reconstruction project with and uncertain future. It becomes minimalist and starts paying attention to the details, recognizes small pleasures of everyday life and tries to be its best version. Moves to the countryside to meet nature and reconnect with her senses through an introspective journey in which she detaches herself from the stigmata acquired in the city and relearns to enjoy the essentials.

The minimalism of living in the countryside seeks a comfortable life, for this reason the collection has extremely wide silhouettes and plays with their antithesis, tightening the waist in certain garments with the help of cuts that reveal the organic shapes of the body. This duality is also present in the fabric selection, some rigid and strong, others thin and volatile like tree leaves that move at will of the wind.

The garments are conceived as it -garments- being switchable between all genders.The color palette is drawn from nature itself. Earth, plants and stone inspire the widespread use of camels and browns with the support of greens and ecru.

The beauty of imperfection is used as a motto. An example of this are some knitted pieces with loops and raw threads. Neglected details, taglio-cut hems and tailored seams that bring the interior of the garments to the surface.