Maison Artc

Maison Artc

Morocco Kingdom of Light at MBFWMadrid

By Maison Artc & Albert Oiknine

About Maison Artc

Maison ARTC is the brand of Moroccan designer Artsi Ifrach, one of the most internationally recognised Arab fashion brands today. In October last year he was awarded the Fashion Trust Arabia prize in Doha, Qatar, the most important fashion award in the Arab region. Also last year he exhibited his artistic creations at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and in 2023 he will be exhibiting in New York. Maison ARTC has found sanctuary in Morocco in its quest for independence and has been actively creating its "unique collections" ever since. Artsi Ifrach lived in Paris and Amsterdam before settling in Morocco and has a broad understanding of multiculturalism. Maison ARTC is inspired by elements such as religion, culture and memories. Its collections are composed of unique pieces for men and women (not gender) of clothing and accessories made from handcrafted work, hand-embroidered in its own workshop in Marrakech from antique pieces: from recycling to Haute Couture. Maison ARTC does not work according to a logic of fashion collections or seasons, but in a continuous and lasting collection model. 

Collection lines

At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid he will present an exclusive collection for the occasion, full of richness, colour and eclectic style: "I am trying, through the material that surrounds me, to create a story that captures culture, memories, craftsmanship. I am using antique and handmade materials".

Maison ARTC creates his pieces freely, based on his mood at any given moment. He tries to be respectful to the past, to his culture and to create something warmer: "In my pieces I want to create a memory that touches me emotionally. Vintage fabrics can unite the past and the present. The colours and patterns are my landscape.

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