Lorena Saravia

Lorena Saravia

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About Lorena Saravia

Lorena Saravia is considered one of the best Mexican designers worldwide. Not only is her style constant, but also her collections are highly acclaimed and documented by the press.

Lorena obtained her degree at the Universidad de Diseño y Moda Felicidad Duce in Barcelona, Spain. Before creating her own firm, she worked with brands such as Bread and Butter Barcelona, GSTAR-RAW and famous Mexican designer Macario Jiménez.

Launched in 2010 in Mexico City, Lorena Saravia is a high fashion women’s apparel, footwear, and accessories brand.

Inspired by the lifestyle of strong-willed contemporary women, the brand is distinctive for its timeless, elegant, and versatile silhouettes.

Always in the search for the highest quality materials and the development of zero-waste strategies, Lorena is also distinguished for her collaboration with Mexican artisans as a nod to her heritage and support for local communities.

Collection lines

My greatest source of inspiration has always been my grandmother, Rosario Elena Josefina Garcia Colin Twigg. Born in the USA in 1923 and raised in Mexico City, she would’ve turned 100 this year. Her mentorship and wisdom were invaluable throughout my life, as well as her distinctive fashion sense, which was influenced by both countries she lived in. As I flipped through our family heirloom, our photo albums, the Heritage Collection came to life naturally, making it a very intimate yet relatable one.

The different historic feminist movements that have taken place over the past century have slowly empowered women to own up to their desire to leave their legacy for future generations. Their footprint. Their mark. When I turn to the past and see their strength, their influence, I recognize my responsibility to carry it on.

The Heritage Collection reflects this achievement. I am a reflection of my grandmother, and of all the generations that have come before and after her. Her timelessness is my timelessness. Each piece is named after and dedicated to the women in my family. I yearn to create ageless collections for the brand. I dream for them to be relics, treasures to be preserved and shared. This is the power we have inherited; this is the power and responsibility women now have.

Faithful to the brand’s sleek and defined silhouettes, the Collection combines both masculine and feminine contours in rose gold, military green, and cream colors in silk, leather, satin, and denim fabrics. Along with my photo albums, imagery of early 1900’s Mexican revolutionary figures and traditional cultural wear were also key in my creative process as an acknowledgment to my country’s and my family’s history – my heritage.

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