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About Kollapse

Alexs Alonso Balcells, born in Santa Coloma de Queralt (Catalonia) on September 4, 1998. After completing her compulsory studies, always with the idea of an uncertain future and a bit adrift in her mind until she got into the diverse world of design. Thus discovering a new passion hidden until now.
She moved to Barcelona, a multicultural city, full of ideas and enthusiasm, and began her 4-year career at LCI Barcelona- Felicidad Duce.

Her entire creative career until the actuality has been based in Barcelona.
In 2021 she presents her final thesis collection; which is the reason why she later created her brand Kollapse.
she always works with high quality materials focusing on the past of men's tailoring and the history of garment production and translating them into a contemporary context.

The scene of the young designer is always the mix that includes opposite impressions of the youth culture to the punk scene to the tradition that still accompanies the older generations; uniting diverse cultural dimensions, art forms and styles. Always influenced by the counterculture and the subcultures, she tries to make a social critique and at the same time redefine the pillars of society.

Líneas de la colección 

Kollapse takes as its main inspiration the counterculture and the subcultures that have existed during these years with the aim of distancing itself from the established.

It is the creation of a new urban tribe that leaves aside the cultural heritage and paternal imposition and/or society imposition too.
 The collection intends to lead their own liberation movement and define their way of life.

Gives a new value to the patterns with the mixture of the underground and anarchic with the most classic and elegant tailoring. Playing with classic fabrics with the contrast of the most characteristic garments of subcultures.

The objective is to reinterpret the current reality and redefining the established social spaces of masculinity and always influenced by a punk essence.

The collection is made up of 15 men looks where all have the characteristics of men's tailoring, translating them into a contemporary context.

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