Juan VG
Fall/Winter 24/25


Juan VG at MBFWMadrid

About Juan VG

JUAN VG is an upcycling and genderless brand, which trasform second hand clothes, creatng new designs. A Brand focuse on denim, knit and a mix of different disciplines such as patchwork and hand painting.

The Brand aesthetic is a fusion of grunge and Valladolid classic style.

Collection lines


With my next collection, i show my vision and reinterpretation of how kids would get dressed for school.

Being born in Valladolid, a classic city, and going to a private school with its uniform, where one couldn't always express himself or feeling like himself, due to classmates’ comments, or professors that don't get you, all because of how society is established and the normative way in which we live.

With GAMBERRXS I mix the brand aesthetic; the upcycling with my illustrations to create an atmosphere that generates the rebellion of when you are a kid, colorful, fun, but with the roughness of grunge and the streets.

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