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Isabel Sanchís

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About Isabel Sanchís

Isabel Sanchís was born in Valencia in 1956. She studied at the school of arts and crafts, and took dressmaking classes. During her adolescence, she made various designs for her friends and soon opened a small workshop where she designed and made custom made garments.

In 1990, she presented her first collection and began working with stores near her place of residence, and soon began a prosperous nationwide expansion, reaching more and more selling points of specialized boutiques.

A few years ago she began the international expansion of its firm, currently, she has a presence in more than 40 countries, such as Italy, France, Switzerland, USA, Singapore, Panama, South Africa, among others.
She is currently keeping her worldwide presence through her attendance at international fashion events in New York,Barcelona participating in the Bridal Fashion Week, in MBFWM and Paris, where she presents her two annual collections of Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter, in the private Showroom that she organizes in the exclusive Ritz hotel, where her national and international customers meet.

On the occasion of its 30th Anniversary, Isabel Sanchís organised for the first time, a spectacular and exclusive fashion show to present her Autumn-Winter 2020 collection at the Spanish Embassy in Paris, with the attendance of the international and national press, more than 300 guests, personalities from the fashion world such as the President of Condenast France, the director of Vogue Fr, the former President of the Trade Union Chamber of Haute Couture Donal Potard, and the model Inés Sastre, among others.

She has also her own boutiques located in Kuwait, her own flagship store in Valencia, and a really good opening projection in several cities.

The designs of Isabel Sanchís, couture, are present in fashion editorials of the most prestigious headlines in the world such as Vogue, Glamor, Hola, Elle...Etc, and celebrities from around the world and names like the top international  Nieves  Alvarez,  the  actress  Mar  Saura,  Isabel  Preysler, Sonam Kapoor, Laura Whitmore or the actress, Paula Echevarría among others, have worn their most exclusive designs.

The objective of Isabel Sanchís couture has always been and will be to magnify the femininity by working with care the best chosen materials, with exclusive embroidery and a very accurate pattern. The main Characteristic of the signature is the art of volume and the female silhouette.

The inspiration for its collections comes from diverse subjects; painting, art, design, cinema, nature, and each of them is projected in current dresses, elegant and without an expiration date.

Isabel Sanchís designs are made in her own workshop, which has more than 50 employees where collections full of fantasy are created that adapt to each type of woman, maintaining elegance and sophistication. One of the objectives of the brand is to transmit the importance of well made garments.

The headquarters of the company is located in Benaguasil, Valencia, where the designs, production and shipping of each piece are elaborated, customizing each design for each of its clients, offering a carefully revised, and finished.

Excellence, exclusivity, harmony and femininity are unmistakable hallmarks of excellent handcrafted and finished work.

Isabel Sanchís believes that the key to success is the creation of garments closer to haute couture than to pret-a-porter.
The Isabel Sanchís firm, has been awarded on many occasions, having various awards and having been awarded some of the most prestigious awards in the world of fashion, such as the Golden Thimble 2015 and 2017, honorary PRENAMO 2015 award for fashion and excellence business, the Golden Star Award of the Institute for Professional Excellence 2018, and the Bankia Award for the best Pyme 2018 granted by Bankia an the newspapers Expansión and El Mundo

Collection lines

The next collection for summer 2023 is a very personal collection as it is based on our flagship elements, flowers and volume, our history. 

We have reinterpreted flowers in many different ways but our intention has always been to be able to convey feeling with them and make elegant pieces while preserving the core values of our country's textile industry. The collection is varied, it represents the diversity in the society we live in with pieces that start from laser cut neoprene, through lighter pieces of organza or chiffon and ending with sewing garments with volumes made with recycled liquid satin and feathers. 

The colors used are shocking colors typical of nature, where red, pink and green predominate, giving strength to the pieces of this collection for a woman of 2023. 

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