Inkrush at MBFWMadrid

The Collection

MNMLSM is based on minimalism, which is the trend to pare things down to the essential. But more than an inspiration in minimalist art, the theme comes from the documentary "Minimalism: the importance of things." That’s why it refers to minimalism as a lifestyle.

Throughout the years, consumption has been increasing at an unsustainable speed and technology has had much to do with making this happen. Nowadays you can have anything you want with a click. Everything that people want, but what do they need? Having a lot has become more important than having what you need. Nowadays we live in a fantasy bubble with the latest in fashion, furniture, technology, cars, etc. to post on social media so that people can see it.

This collection is a wake-up call to everyone, to you and me, to stop living a life that is not our own. What humanity needs is to simplify life to what is really necessary.

We need to live our lives and be happy

Of course, art plays an important role in this collection. Great minimalist artists and architects like Le Corbusier, Richard Meier, Ad Reinhardt, Robert Ryman, among others, are all worth mentioning.

In this second collection, colour plays a very important role. This time, the basic colours are red, yellow and blue, accompanied by colours like green, orange and white to add a clean, light air to the collection. They also play an important role in the theme. The line starts with stronger, more powerful colours and fades to white. Light, cleanliness, minimalism and purification. All garments accompanied by key finishes in the form of small works of art based on silkscreen, hemming tape and textile vinyl, telling a story from more to less.

Flat geometric lines in contrast to organic forms and relaxed silhouettes, contrasts between colours and forms that come together.