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Guillermo Décimo

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About Guillermo Décimo

Guillermo Díez López, is the creative behind the firm Guillermo Décimo.

From Burgos, he graduated in Fashion Design at EASD Burgos, obtaining MH in his TFE (2018). He completes his training with Ulises Mérida (2017) and Ana Locking (2019), in addition to his introduction on the catwalks parading in the CyL fashion week (2019/2022) and with his collections "Queen of the Night" and "The Sleeping Dreamer" in the MBFWM (2021/2022).

She grows up in family among paintings and classical music, showing passion for fashion and art in its most splendorous meaning. A constant search for beauty and perfection, together with tradition, craftsmanship, manual work, historical-artistic references, illustration, theatricality... surround all her work: A journey to the past, to dream in the present.

Collection lines

SPECTACULAR SPECTACULAR! An end of party in style!

Show, cinema, cabaret, revue theatre, and a dream that ends up being fulfilled in the city of light, which, as fate would have it, turns out not to be Paris, but Madrid.

As the third and last collection within the Allianz EGO framework, ESPECTACULAR ESPECTACULAR! is born, a closing of this journey that began in the most underground nights of the capital fused with opera and Maria Callas, passing through the fantastic worlds that we all live sometime in dreams, between fairy tales and endless magic, to end up waking up in the bohemian Paris of the Moulin Rouge, in the film of the same title directed by Baz Luhrmann in 2001.

This dreamy Paris is the starting point that merges at times with the great landmarks of Hollywood musicals and golden cinema, references that dance among scenery, glitter, feathers, fishnet stockings and a spotlight that illuminates everything?

Suddenly, that dream of arriving in Paris fades in the mind. Maybe you don't have to dream so far away... Certain melodies and memories suddenly come to the surface and the chimney roofs are transformed into verbena squares.

-Oh Madrid, you have it all, and you give it all.

A city that, without being your own, you also carry in your heart".

A collection about beauty, about memories, about the power of freedom, a collection about art, but above all, a collection for, and about love.

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