Guillermo Décimo

"25 years chasing dreams", a romantic introduction to introduce Guillermo Díez López, creative behind Guillermo Décimo. 

Young man from Burgos graduated in Fashion Design at E.A.S.D. Burgos, he obtains M.H. in his T.F.E. (2018). He completes his training with internships with Ulises Mérida (2017) and Ana Locking (2019), in addition to his introduction to the catwalks in the competition for young designers of the CyL fashion week (2019).

Raised in a family of musicians and painters, he shows passion for fashion in its most splendid meaning; enthusiastic about tradition and craftsmanship, classical music, illustration and that extravagant and theatrical aura that surrounds everything.

A lover of beauty, he pursues it in everything he does, which is reflected in a work full of historical-artistic references, a constant search for perfection and that look that, from the past, glimpses the horizon towards the future, essential in the world of design.

Líneas de la colección

"Queen of the night" portrays a young and vibrant society, which takes advantage of the night as a refuge and showcase to show off and demonstrate all its artistic potential, enjoying it, sometimes with such intensity that the boundaries between fantasy and reality become blurred.

The luxury, glamour and extravagance of a premiere at the Opera starring an idealized belle canto diva, merges with industrial techno, the large rooms in the basements of the center of the capital and the essence of the queer movement, underground, and club kid.

Based on an intimate inspirational story, the concept takes us to garments that through silhouettes, cut, color range and textures, represent the different phases of a night out and all its ups and downs, from the moment we start thinking about what outfit to wear, until we get home in the early hours of the morning.

Maria Callas, "La Divina", unparalleled performer, style icon and great deity of the Opera becomes the muse of this collection. A powerful woman on and off stage, with a personal life of equal or greater intensity than those of the characters she plays, she represents the operatic-festive drama to perfection.

Developed during the period of confinement and subsequent months, it is designed and made in its entirety, and in a meticulous and handmade way by the creative of the brand, keeping sustainability in mind throughout the process, through zero marks in its pattern making avoiding waste, reusing waste from other garments giving them new life, using resources without acquiring new materials, recycling second hand clothes, or with gifts of materials from friends.

Guillermo Décimo in MBFWMadrid

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