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Fernando Claro

CLARO is the brand of a family business with 35 years’ experience in custom couture and more than 100 catwalk shows at national and international shows, always focused on custom couture. For the last 10 years, Fernando Claro, 65 - the founder - has relied on his daughter Beatriz Claro, 38, for the design and production side of the business. For the last three years the brand has been presenting collections by this creative couple in independent shows in the capital and its garments are worn on numerous Spanish red carpets.

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We have chosen four key parameters in our understanding of high quality love, applicable not only to romantic love between a couple or several people, but to love as an energy. Working from the heart and focusing on the quality of love, are a guarantee that things will turn out for the better and also an exercise in vindication in these times of hatred that we are experiencing. 

The Alma series features genuine clothes, transparencies and highly correct colour compositions in the brand's essential shapes. Reason is judgement; there is no judgement without understanding, these are highly elaborate pieces to be worn by fashion experts who feel comfortable taking risks. Grace is the elegance of granting forgiveness. A series of very generous garments, even ostentatious, but monochromatic following the concept of neutrality and elegance. We are creating pieces with pearls, lace and glitter. Chimera is like a fantastic gypsy tale that conveys joy and awakens desires, with bulky shapes and vaporous textiles.

Fernando Claro at MBFWMadrid

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